About Me

I have started this blog mainly to write down all the (often incoherent) things I think about or talk about. As such, it will be a bit of a mish-mash of things which interest me, humour me, anger me, or even confuse me.

But this is also a blog to test out thoughts and ideas about writing.

I  have written a few short stories in the past and had a few academic articles published (the latter I suspect read by the very few).
In times when I needed to make some extra cash, I have also written hundreds of readers letters to popular magazines (under different pseudonyms of course).
That was actually quite fun, as I had to get into the heads of so many different characters – everyone from the young mum (that was actually me at the time), to the granny talking about how things were in her day. I also talked about sports, slimming, art, culture, politics, religions… and even knitting!

But the time has come to get a little more serious.

It is said that everyone has a novel somewhere inside their heads. Well, I guess I have several. But getting my ideas into print is going to be another story (for want of a better word!). So, I hope that many of my posts will be about the writing process, perhaps a few questions and observations along the way.

But I’m not promising anything astounding!
It depends how I’m feeling on the day I post as to what I will actually write, so the outcome may be as much a surprise to me as it will be to anyone else reading.

As time goes by, I will probably change this page, as I hope to have a clearer idea about where this blog is going.
I live in hopes anyway!


5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. hey, thanks for checking out my blog. yours is awesome too. you have a new follower 🙂

  2. I’m checkin’ this out! So far, so good, so on to the “Follow.” I like your explanation of humour in “humour.” (Why is it “de rigueur” to put the punctuation BEFORE the closing quotation mark? So much easier the other way!) You’re English, tell me, does it matter so much?

  3. I was going to add, what are some ideas for your novel(s)?

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